Research at the FNZRLG

Research at the FNZRLG

The department's research portfolio includes (analogue and digital) publications, projects and academic events. The focus lays on the early modern period, Rhenish regional history and historical peace research.

Historical Peace Research

The Centre for Historical Peace Research conducts research on the history of peace and conflict in modern times. Among other things, the Acta Pacis Westphalicae, the edition on the Peace Congress of Westphalia, is developed here.

Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter

The tradition-steeped journal of Rhenish regional history brings together annual contributions and reviews on the history, language and culture of the Rhineland.

Research on the Imperial Diet

Research on the imperial diets of the early modern Holy Roman Empire is one of the main emphasis of our work.

Dissertations and Habilitations

You can find the current and completed qualification work of our department here.

Diaries and Editions

The department is working on various edition projects, in particular on diaries of individual personalities from the early modern period.

Publications and Series

In addition to numerous anthologies and monographs, various scientific publication series are also published at the FNZRLG.


Every year in September, the department organizes a conference on regional history. In addition, further conferences are held on various research topics.

Digital Resources

We offer you various digital paths for the study of the early modern period, Rhenish regional history or our university history.

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