Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter

Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter

The Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter (RhVjbll) is a scientific journal on the history, linguistics and folklore of the Rhineland. The journal appears annually and is published and edited in Bonn.

About the Journal

The Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter, which appears annually in a volume of around 400 pages, publishes works on linguistic history, ethnology, cultural geography and art history. In addition to essays and smaller contributions, the Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter contains an extensive review section, which provides a reliable overview of important new publications on Rhenish regional history. With a moving wall of two years, all volumes of the journal, which has been published since 1931, are accessible online via the ULB Bonn. Since the 2015 volume, the reviews are being posted online on the regional history review platform recensio.regio immediately after the publication of the current volume. Members of the Verein für geschichtliche Landeskunde der Rheinlande receive the Rheinische Vierteljahresblätter free of charge.

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Editorial office

All articles in the RhVjbll are published online immediately after going to press (reviews) or after two years (essays). By publishing your article in the RhVjbll you agree to the online publication. For illustrations in essays, please take into account point V. of the typesetting guidelines.

Editorial office: Dr. Marion Romberg


Tel.: +49 228 73-7502

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Current issue

Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter, Bd. 87. hg. von Alheydis Plassmann, Michael Rohrschneider und Claudia Wich-Reif, Bonn 2023. VI und 310 S.

ISSN 0035-4473
Price: 49,- EUR in bookshops / included in the membership fee for members of the Verein für geschichtliche Landeskunde der Rheinlande

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Digital access

The RhVjbll is one of the most important regional history journals in Germany. On the initiative of the Department of Early Modern History and Rhenish Regional History, all volumes of the RhVjbll published since 1931 have been made available online on the ULB Bonn website since 2016 in cooperation between the USB Cologne and the ULB Bonn. Their online availability is of interest to both university researchers and the general public.

Digital access!

The Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter can be searched in full text via the search field at the top right "Search the Journal".

Reviews online!

The reviews since the 2015 volume are available online on the review platform for regional history "recensio.regio".

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Search option for articles in the Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter up to 2004:: Regionalgeschichte.net 

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