Rare Books

The library at the "Hofgarten" has a well-stocked collection of old and rare works regarding topics of Rhenish, Dutch and Western European History. You can find all titles via bonnus, the university libraries search tool.


The deparment's library has an extensive collection of old and rare works beginning in the 16th century, including multiple manuscripts. Some of these have been elaborately restored and are located, together with the whole collection, in special rooms within the department. 

The rare books collection is accessible via bonnus, the university library's search tool.

User Instructions

  • The Rare Books Collection can only be viewed after prior registration with Ms. Trimborn (substitute: Jannis Karst).
  • An issue form must be completed in order to use any media within the collection. This issue is only possible upon presentation of an ID or passport. The name and address of the user must be noted on the issue form.
  • Only one title can be viewed at a time.
  • For questions and registration, please contact Ms. Trimborn.
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