Our library's map collection

The department library holds an extensive collection of (historical) maps purchased for teaching aids back in pre-digital times. The considerable wealth of map material is located in the department at the Hofgarten and can be viewed on site upon request.


In addition to various city maps, the collection consists of topographic and morphological maps. Historical maps of the territories of today's North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the corresponding Rhineland administrative districts and counties form the core of the collection.

User Instructions

  • Map holdings can only be consulted by registration with Ms. Trimborn (substitute: Jannis Karst).
  • An issue form must be completed in order to access the holdings. These can only be issued upon presentation of an identity card or passport. The name and address of the user are noted on the issue form.
  • For questions and registration, please contact Ms. Trimborn.
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